tisdag 28 februari 2012

Kärlek i ord

Loreen – Sober - Acoustic Version
"I want to wake up with you next to me"

Maddi Jane – Just The Way You Are (Acoustic)
"When i see your face, there's not a thing that i would change, cuz you're amazing just the way you are"

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me
"Come away with me and we'll kiss on a mountaintop"

De här låttexterna har mycket som man vill dela med någon man gillar/älskar
Fred Åkerström – Jag ger dig min morgon
Bryan Adams – All For Love - The Three Musketeers/Soundtrack Version

Sist men inte minst...
Pink Floyd For Piano – Wish You Were Here (Piano Version)
"Wish You were here!!!"

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