måndag 25 juli 2011

Friend like you

Min bästa vän Jasmine skickade nyss en låt till mig. Man blir glad när man uppskattas av sina vänner!

Joshua Radin – Friend Like You

Joshua Radin -Friend Like You

I like the way you're not afraid
You got the world planned in your mind
People say you cannot do well
They don't know a friend like you

The girl you love has gone away
Still too young to know her heart
She'll return her love renewed
'Cause she'll never find a friend like you

When I had no one to call
All the world had shut me down
I showed up at your door so blue
Thank god I had a friend like you

Many times I've gone without a home a meal
A pair of shoes, if you had three you'd give me two
There ain't no other friend like you 

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